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Fall Soccer is Nearly Here

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Recreational Fall Soccer Season Starts. Sept. 10th

After a long hot summer break we’re almost ready to begin another season of youth recreational fall soccer in Langley, and we couldn’t be more excited! We want to share with you some important upcoming dates so you can prepare for another great season:

  • Season “Kick-off”: Saturday Sept. 10th
  • Coach’s Equipment Pickup: Wednesday Sept. 7th
  • Team Roster Handout: Finishing this week*
  • First Team Practice: TBD**
  • Photo night: Will be Announced Soon

*Team Rosters

Some coaches received their team rosters last week and many have already taken the opportunity to reach out to their teams for this season. Some coaches, especially at the youngest levels, have not received rosters yet; registrations continue to pour in, and we are trying to ensure that we create fair and balanced rosters before we send them out to coaches. These rosters will be settled this week and we will send them out as soon as they are ready. Either way you can rest assured that if you haven’t heard from your coach yet you will shortly.


**Practice Nights

We are very sensitive to the fact that your family is probably very busy throughout the week, and the announcement of practice times can oftentimes lead to conflicts with other activities. We will contact coaches this week to select their practice times and they will pass on the info shortly thereafter. If you hear from your coach and their practice times interfere with your established schedule, please be aware of three things:

  1. It is not the coach’s fault that their practice time conflicts with your schedule
  2. As a club we are at the whim of the Township of Langley as to field allotments and times
  3. We will try to find your child a coach whose practices better fit your schedule

The process for resolving scheduling conflicts is as such:

  1. Politely contact your child’s current coach and ask if there is any possibility of changing practice times. It’s possible you’re not the only parent who needs to change, and the coach may be able to be flexible.
  2. If the coach is unable to set a different practice time, please contact our administrator directly and she will endeavor to find a team for your child that fits your schedule.  You can click here to contact us.
  3. Please allow one to two days business days for a response, as during this time of the year we are inundated with requests and it can be difficult to resolve conflicts as quickly as we would like.

Finally, if the scheduling of practice times is a big concern then there is one sure fire method of ensuring they work for you: volunteer to coach! Coaches are normally given some leeway with their practices, and so if you yourself are the coach you can select a time slot that fits. If you’re interested in coaching please send our administrator an email and we will be in touch with options for you.


It’s not too late to register for our recreational fall soccer season! For full program details please click here


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