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Player Kit

PRIMARY KIT – Our Lime Green Kit with a custom sublimated jersey is unique within the BCSPL so is the only kit used for league games. Please note that this jersey takes up to eight weeks to produce so any players that register late will be assigned one of our stock numbered jersey’s ( #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29) so that they have a full kit by the time the season starts.


SECONDARY KIT – These are numbered kits that are used for training only or in the unlikely event that a second jersey is required for non-league competitions. Given we have three training sessions per week, players are issued two sets to help keep up with the laundry!


KEEPER KIT – Two complete sets provided with extra socks. GK’s can use either set for training but need to always bring both sets to games.


TEAM WEAR – The individual pieces of our Team Wear package have each player’s “Lime Green” initials for easy identification. We will alternate each season between ordering Backpacks (Training/Games) and Duffel Bags (Travel). This year we will order Duffel Bags so players that do not currently have a Fraser Valley Backpack can one order themselves online at Clubwear Online.


OPTIONAL ITEMS  – Players, Staff and Parents can also order online optional items for themselves directly from Soccer Express such as rain & winter jackets as well as extra items on top of what is provided in the Standard Kit such as Backpacks for New players, addition socks, shorts, etc. Just click the image below or this link to access online ordering from Soccer Express: Clubwear Online.


SIZING GUIDELINES – Players have seven sizing options available (YM,YL,YXL,AS,AM,AL,AXL). The Adidas Sizing Chart below can be used as a guideline for Player Kits. However, players should contact their team Coach or Manager regarding scheduled kit sizing “times” for the team. Sock sizes are not selected by players as U13-U18 Female Teams and U13-U15 Male Teams will get Medium Size socks U16-U18 Male Teams will get Large Size socks. Players can also visit the Soccer Express Retail Store for sizing if they wish.


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