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Long Term Player Development and your Child

Long term player development for langley youth soccer players

As a part of our dedication to the development of our players we are taking part in BC Soccer’s Club Charter Program. The program designed to provide players, parents, referees and coaches assurance that a charter club is operating and meeting set standards. One of those standards is to adhere to Soccer Canada’s Long Term Player Development program, but what is the LTPD, and what does it mean for our players?


Long Term Player Development at Preston GM Langley FC

LTPD is a Canada-wide program designed to codify the various stages of soccer player’s development, with the aim of training them in environments suiting their skill level. Players are more likely to reach their potential when they are challenged to do their best. Long term player development tailors those challenges to suit each age. Not only does this keep players from becoming disheartened, it also keeps them excited to progress year after year. Former national team player and current Director of Development for Soccer Canada Jason deVos describes LTPD as being about “giving more kids the opportunity to learn and master the fundamentals required for lifelong enjoyment and success in the game of soccer.”


Why use the Long Term Player Development model?

LTPD emphasizes skill-building as opposed to winning. At our youngest age levels we do not keep scores, standings, or statistics. Instead of having our coaches prioritize winning games, we ask them to focus on technical ability. The more comfortable a child is on the ball, the more likely they will be to continue playing. As they age and get into more competitive games they will then be better prepared to get full enjoyment from the sport.


LTPD Around the World

Long Term Player Development is not exclusive to Canada. Soccer leagues around the world have adopted this methodolgy; you’ll find forms of LTPD in use in England, Spain, Sweden, and many other European countries. Like our Canadian program these countries have recognized the benefits to youth soccer players. The same training methods used on pitches in London are used to train kids in Langley. Not only have long term player development become common in soccer, but there are many other sports following suit as well including hockey and baseball.


Learn More about LTPD

Curious to learn more about Long Term Player Development? Want to know if it’s right for your young Langley soccer player? There are plenty of resources available, including:

If you need even more information please feel free to contact us.

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