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Our Philosophy

Three Langley Girls Soccer Players Celebrate Together

The Kids Always Come First

From teenagers competing in international tournaments to youngsters kicking the ball for the first time, when a Preston GM Langley FC player steps on the field they do so backed by the club’s belief in one overarching philosophy: the focus of our programs must be on molding both excellent soccer players, and outstanding people. Every boy and girl in our program is encouraged to not only be the best soccer player they can be, but also the best person they can be. We are a community soccer club that makes our home in Langley, but we also hope to serve Langley by creating good citizens and community members.

From board members, to club staff, to coaches, we are dedicated to the personal and soccer skills development of:

  • The individual as a person and an athlete
  • The individual as part of a larger team
  • The competitive soccer athlete at the local, provincial, national and international level
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