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The “Players First” Youth Soccer Philosophy

Langley Youth Soccer Coaches

Why is a “Players First” Philosophy Important in Youth Soccer?

We take pride at Preston GM Langley FC in helping our players reach their potential, and a big part of that process is our “players first” philosophy. But, what does “players first” mean, and how does it contribute to the development of youth soccer players in Langley? Read on to find out.


Players First Simply Means We’re Committed to Development at All Levels

At Preston GM Langley FC we believe players need support at every level of soccer to reach their full potential. Our club is the only youth soccer club in Langley to field teams in all levels, from recreational soccer all the way to the BC Soccer Premier League. Your child’s career can span from recreational soccer up to the highest levels in the province, all within our club. It’s important for us to maintain this club-wide participation in multiple competitive levels as it allows us to work with the same kids year after year, watching them improve and meet new challenges.


We are Dedicated to Improvement

But, it takes more than a variety of playing options to make a successful club; it also takes a dedicated coaching staff and support team.  Our coaches along with our stellar support network create an environment fertile for development. This top to bottom alignment ensures that everyone is working towards the “players first” philosophy.  We choose coaches for their ability to develop players and design technical programs that forge exceptional youth soccer players.


What Does this Mean for Your Child?

So what does this all mean for your son or daughter? It means that if your goal is to teach your child about hard work, reaching their goals, and achieving their dreams, then our club could be a good fit for your family. We know you have a choice of soccer clubs in Langley, but we truly believe that our dedication to players and their development is what sets us apart from the rest. We hope you’ll feel the same way.


Want to learn more about the youth soccer programs we offer? Click here to visit our programs page. 

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