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What are Skills Academies, and Why Should My Child Register?

A youth soccer skills academy run in Langley BC

Academies – The #1 Way to Improve Youth Soccer Skills

If you’re a new member to the club you might be wondering what exactly “academies” are  like the ones we run in winter and spring. It’s a common question, and the answer is that academies are large scale club-wide training sessions focused on individual skill development, run by our paid club coaching staff. Put simply, academies are like additional practice sessions for your son or daughter, and nearly everyone who participates sees an immediate improvement in their youth soccer skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can participate in an academy?

A. At Preston GM Langley FC we offer different levels of soccer academies to suit a variety of skill levels. Some, like our high performance academy, are only available for players in our prospects/selects stream. Others, like our optional Winter Skills Development Academy are open to all club members age 7 and up. The information page for the academy will note who is welcome to participate.


Q. How long do academies run?

A. The length of the academy sessions is generally 60-90 minutes, depending on the ages and skills of the players; the program description for the academy should indicate the session length. Most academies are run once a week for a series of weeks, usually eight consecutive (depending on holidays etc.).


Q. What will my child learn in a soccer academy?

A. Your child will learn a variety of important soccer skills like dribbling, passing, one versus one defending, decision making. and shooting, as well as building speed and agility. Best of all, your child will have fun doing it!


Q. Who runs the academy session?

A. Your child’s academies will be run by a member of our professional coaching staff. Our staff coaches will ensure the sessions are fun, challenging, and fast-paced.


Q. How much do your academies cost? 

A. The cost of an academy depends on its level, but all of our pricing is laid out on the program pages. To see the academies we’re currently offering please visit our Academies page.


Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will assist you the best we can. Ready to register for an academy? Click here

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